We would like to introduce ourselves:

We are a subsidiary of R.P.P.C., Rafsanjan Pistachio Producers Cooperative, the leading pistachio producer in Iran. R.P.P.C. comprises at present of abt. 55.000 pistachio farmers, representing approx. 60% of the Iranian pistachio crop.

Pistaco GmbH in Norderstedt processes exclusively raw pistachios from R.P.P.C. We salt, roast and pack in our production unit, which technically is absolutely up to date, with a max. capacity of abt. 60 mtons daily.

But above all, our key obligation is quality.

We process only premium quality, naturally opened raw pistachios, with closed mouth nuts less than 5%. The pistachios are cleaned and sorted several times during the production process. This means that we can guarantee that impurities are kept to a minimum.

Our processing techniques are unique to our plant which means that our endproduct tastes like no other. Our contiuous roasting machines ensure a crisp and even roast and our specialised salting technique produces an even salt content of around 2%. However, we are always able to adjust our salting to your company’s individual requirements.

Of course we only supply our customers with goods which adhere to the strictest quality controlls. Our production is closely monitored according to the HACCP concept (as recommended in FAO/WHO’s Codex Alimentarius). From the raw pistachios through to the roasted, salted and packed product, our customers can be assured by our commitment to quality.

We process Iranian pistachios, subject to availability, in the following sizes:

20/22 Jumbo   26/28 round
22/24 Jumbo   28/30 round
22/24 Ahmad Aghaie   30/32 round
24/26 Ahmad Aghaie    

We can offer the following packings:

Consumer sizes:

quantity per carton  weight per carton  cartons per pallets  pallet per full truck load   weight p.truck 
40 x 80 g  3,2 kg   156   33  16,47 mt 
50 x 100 g  5 kg  88  32  14,08 mt 
40 x 125 g  5 kg  88  32  14,08 mt 
25 x 200 g   5 kg  88  32   14,08 mt 
30 x 500 g  15 kg  36  33  17,82 mt 
16 x 1 kg  16 kg  36  33   19,01 mt 

PISTACO brand with imprint in different languages.

Industrial/catering sizes:

quantity per carton  weight per carton  units per pallet  pallets per full truck load  weight p.truck 
2 x 10 kg vacuum  20 kg  36  30  21,60 mt 
500 kg bigbags  500 kg   28  14,00 mt 
1000 kg bigbags  1000 kg  22  22,00 mt 

We very much hope that this information has been of interest to you. Should you have any specific requirements, please let us know the sizes, packing and quantities you require and we will be happy to send you a detailed offer by return. Please allow us to prove to you the outstanding quality of our product and we hope that this first contact will lead to a long and valued business relationship.


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